Some are prickly, some are furry, some are scaly and some are just plain cute!  But they all have something in common!  They are all part of our amazing list of Creatures Large and Small that we can provide for all sorts of events. From Reindeer in Christmas Parades to Spiders in a Creepy Crawly Roadshow, from Arena Displays to special Media appearances.  With our expert Animal Trainers on hand to ensure their welfare at all times, our Animal friends will be your star turn at any Event!

It is the belief of the keepers, that by bringing unusual and undomesticated species to the attention of the general public – particularly when accompanied by educational talks – they raise community awareness that indirectly aids conservation.

All of the animals and birds are kept in high standard accommodation with regards to the needs of each individual species in accordance with government legislation.  The details and requirements for each individual booking and the facilities available at each venue will be taken into consideration before a booking is accepted.  

The welfare of the animals and birds is of paramount importance and the handlers reserve the right to remove from display any animal or bird which shows signs of ill health or distress on the day.

These are just a selection of the wonderful attractions we have available.

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