DinosaurBrand new, just out of the box straight from America and unique in the UK is this incredibly lifelike 7 foot high and 12 foot long Utah Raptor!

He’s amazingly lifelike with dinosaur sounds, blinking eyes etc. and is an awesome attention getting Walkabout Act that is sure to be a hit with all ages.


DinosaurHis antics are intended to amuse and the performer inside him gives the act a comedy element as the animal takes a liking to certain people – or their lunch!

Accompanied by an eccentric “Professor” acting as his “Minder” and a second performer, dressed similar to the palaeontologist professor in Jurassic Park, who assists in interaction with the public and can answer questions about the dinosaurs, whilst the Raptor’s inquisitive nature, leads him to get up close and personal with the public to hilarious effect.

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