Promotional Staff & Presenters

Let us assist you with your Promotion by providing bright, bubbly, approachable Promotional Staff to distribute your leaflets, goodies or balloons.  Invaluable for gathering data capture or assisting with competitions and sampling campaigns or even to serve your champagne!

We also have many innovative advertising solutions which can be employed along with our Promotional Staff such as Advertising Bikes and Digital Sandwich Boards.

Our Team Leaders can co-ordinate everything required on the day for your Store Opening from organising a ribbon cutting, to rounding up your staff for a photo shoot.  More than just an extra pair of hands;  they are an invaluable presence ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Our DJ/ presenters will host the promotion for you, organising a “countdown” for new store openings, encouraging the public into the store and welcoming them to your event, pushing sales by announcing your deals and offers and creating a feel good atmosphere to the whole proceedings by playing suitable, upbeat background music.

Or why not add some extra excitement to the event by booking some Hunks and Glamour Girls handing out roses, chocolates or champagne, or even a Celebrity appearance to really draw the crowds!  Just let us know who you would love to have at your event and we will be only too pleased to check availability for you.

These are just a selection of the Staff and Services we have available.

For details and pictures of much more we can help you with please contact our friendly team.

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