Town Criers & Toastmasters

Town Criers

Oyez! Oyez! When you’ve got something worth shouting about, don’t keep it under your hat!  Let our Professional Town Criers inform the public in the time honoured, traditional way.  In their immaculate uniforms, with gold braid, buttons and tricorn hats they really stand out from the crowd and create quite a stir as they make their announcements, punctuated with a ringing of their bell, they can be heard far and wide.

1747 Town Criers - for when you've got something to shout about! 0131 Town Criers - for when you've got something to shout about! bell and flags


For Weddings, Award Ceremonies, Balls, Formal Dinners and black tie gatherings of all kinds, a Toastmaster will guide participants through the different stages of the proceedings by announcing the guests, calling all “to order” before speeches etc and making announcements as required.  Looking dapper in their traditional red jackets they add a formality to the occasion and an experienced eye to add to the smooth running of the programme, conducting themselves and the event with authority and dignity whilst all around get caught up into the emotions of the celebration.

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