Fire Performers

A flaming spectacle whether you chose a single fire performer, a choreographed pair or a larger group of fire dancers!

Fire Artists can either perform as a background Entertainment or a full on high energy Fire Show, which is often set to music.  Each performer will specialise in certian skills but these could include Fire Eating and use of a variety of props which could include Fire Fans, Fire Ropes, Fire Staff and Fire Poi.

Our highly professional fire performers and dancers are sure to be be the highlight of your event!

For something a little different we also have fire performers who use Angle Grinders to create a shower of sparks for a unique Show spot and for events where fire and sparks are not permitted we have artists with props that glow in the dark to produce an amazing, colourful display without any heat.

All our artists are professional performers experienced in working with fire.  A Risk Assessment for the performance can be provided on confirmation of booking. Permission must be sought, by the booker, from the venue for any indoor performances. Permission must be sought, by the booker, from the relevant local council for any outdoor public performances.

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