Living Statues

Standing perfectly still it’s easy to pass them by as real statues, but, strategically placed at an entrance or focal point of your event, or perhaps at either side of the stage or beside an art-work, these stunning living statues for hire are actually alive!  Guests will look twice just to be sure then start to walk away deciding that they are real and then, with a quick wink or smile, the Statue comes alive and a moment later is still again.

Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes from generic costume styles such as Roman or Georgian, to replicas of famous statues such as Rodin’s “Kiss” or “Thinker”, or living statues of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe or Nelson.  Even life size golden “Oscars”.  Statues are available in gold, silver or bronze, stone or marble finishes or even greenish verdigris, like the Statue of Liberty. Our living statues are body painted to fit the style you choose for your event with water based make-up.

These are just a selection of the wonderful Acts we have available.

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