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With the eagerly anticipated new “Jurassic World -The Fallen Kingdom” movie scheduled for release in June 2018 the public’s interest in Dinosaurs & Fossils knows no bounds making Dinosaur themed events still highly popular countrywide. Our “Dinosaur Experiences” give the public a chance to get up close and personal to a variety of lifelike “Dinosaurs”!

This incredibly lifelike 7 foot high and 12 foot long TRex (Terry to his friends !) is amazingly lifelike with dinosaur sounds, blinking eyes etc. he’s an awesome attention getting Act that draws the crowds everywhere. Accompanied by two spoof “scientists” his antics are intended to amuse and the Act has a comedy element as the carnivore takes a liking to certain people – or their lunch! The Show also features animatronic hatching Dinosaur Egg and Pterodactyl plus an adorable Baby Dinosaur and various other surprises along the way!

1687 Reggie Raptor  1687 Reggie1687 Reggie full length 1687 Baby Dino Raptor

1687 hatching egg

Make it Large! For an even bigger impact our two-man Triceratops can be substituted for the TRex above, making his appearance along-side all the other elements described.

These intriguing Dino Skeletons are a fantastically unique sight as they pass on by.  High above the crowd, the audience won’t believe their eyes and will be talking about the spectacle long after the event.  The act can feature both Stilt Walking dinosaur puppet skeletons and cycle based motorised structures.

0173 Dino Skeleton Stilt Walkers crop IMG_5549 0173 Dino Skeleton Stilt Walker Duo 

Our Stegosaurus is accompanied by a friendly “palaeontologist”, who will engage the audience with a lively and informative natural history show, an insight into what the dinosaur’s life was likely to have been like. Each audience is encouraged to get tactile with the 3.5 metre long herbivore, pat and stroke her and even “feed” her with ferns!

4 stegosaur1 edit Sage mailshot #1

The king of the Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex will leave the public awestruck as he Meets and Greets.  Measuring just over 18 foot nose to tail and with realistic movements, blinking eyes and opening mouth this big guy will really make an impact!

1668 TRex and friend 1668 T Rex 
At the other end of the scale these unique, cute Dino Babies, available in a variety of “species” including Raptors and Triceratops, bring the display right down to the children’s level and make them a favourite with little ones.  Each performed by a practiced Puppeteer; they are amazingly lifelike.

    1234 dino baby (Copy) #          

Our unique “Fossil Discovery Workshop” is ready to visit your school, town or shopping centre and provides fantastic fun for children, which is educational too! With our resident spoof “palaeontologist”, Sandy O’Toole, to help them dig for real prehistoric shark’s teeth and then go on to uncover a variety of replica fossils which they then get to take home as a treasured keepsake. Hand-outs with fascinating facts about “fossils” in general and details about what they themselves have found encourage the children to want to learn more!

IMG_0174  IMG_0255  IMG_0241

Our mini “Dinosaurium” is a wonderful display of lifelike Dinosaur models including a cute animatronic baby Dino!  Our knowledgeable Dino expert will give exciting talks throughout the day, bringing the Jurassic world to life in a way that children will find fascinating! The display can also include a fun “Dino Dig” that children of all ages can take part in as they uncover a variety of fossils. All in all the Dinosaurium is a fun, interactive and educational experience which is fun for all the family!

0656 Dino Display 0656 sand dig 1 0656 animatronic triceratops crop0656 Dino Head 0656 sand dig TRex 0656 Dilophosaurus 10ft long 

Introducing Tiny T ! At 5ft7” tall he’s a little smaller than the other Dinosaurs in the pack, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in attitude!  Children of all ages will be drawn to this comical, cartoonish little TRex as he struts his stuff around your venue!


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